Boeing 737-7H4


  Length: 110'4"
  Height: 41'3"
  Wingspan: 112'7"
  Winglets: Yes

Power Plant

  CFM 56-7B-1 x2


  Max Ceiling: FL410
  Max Range: 2,365nm
  Cruising Speed: 0.785 Mach


  Empty Weight: 83,000 lbs
  Max Zero Fuel Weight: 120,500 lbs
  Max Fuel Weight: 46,063 lbs
  Max Takeoff Weight: 154,500 lbs
  Max Landing Weight: 128,000 lbs


  Flight Deck: 2
  Flight Attendants: 3

Cabin and Cargo

  Cabin Width: 11'7"
  Cabin Height: 7'3"
  Seats: 137
  Seat Configuration: 3 x 3
  Hold Volume: 30.20 cu.m.

Launch Year



  Canyon Blue
  Herb Kelleher (N711HK)
  Shamu One (N713SW)
  Shamu One (N715SW)
  Nolan Ryan Express (N742SW)
  Nevada One (N727SW)
  New Mexico One (N781WN)
  Classic (N792SW)
  Spirit One (N793SA)
  Rollin King (N417WN)
  Winning Spirit (N418WN)
  D.Ogden (N439WN)
  Spirit of Hope (N443WN)
  Spirit of Kitty Hawk (N448WN)
  Fred Jones (N201LV)
  Maryland One (N214WN)
  Go Green (N222WN)
  Slam Dunk One (N224WN)
  Tinkerbell One (N912WN)
  Sports Illustrated (N922WN)
  Illinois One (N918WN)
  500th (N281WN)

Freeware Links

Kitty Hawk 737-700
 - New Mexico One [AVSIM Library] - FS9
 - Canyon Blue [AVSIM Library] - FS9

Payware Links

 - [PMDG Website] - FS9

Pilot Information

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Reserved Flights

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 Top Ten Dallas Pilots this Month

Name Number of Hours Number of Flights
Michael Marx 14.7 5
Peter Keenan 2.4 1
Brent Brazeel 1.8 1

 Crew Base Flights This Month

Crew Base Number of Flights Hours Flown
Orlando 33 58.4
NorCal 33 61.8
Houston 30 58.0
Las Vegas 17 24.1
Baltimore 17 33.2
Phoenix 8 21.2
Dallas 7 18.9
Denver 7 12.5
Atlanta 4 7.5
Chicago Midway 2 0.0
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