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Welcome to the BWI Crew Base

You have arrived at Southwest Virtual's BWI crew base managed by me Drew Ritz SWA1001 (CBM) and my assistant Mike Avila (CBAM). We hope you enjoy your stay here and feel free to check out the links I have provided.

Want to Join SWVA

Click here to join Southwest Virtual Make sure you mark BWI as your crewbase :)


June 2012 Update

Hello crews! We finally updated the website and expect it to always be updated in a timely fashion. The summer months are now upon us so we hope you have time to enjoy simming as well as your family and friends.

2010 End Report

Congrats to the BWI Hub for another sucessful year of flying at Southwest Virtual! Here's to 2011!

August End Report

Pilots of the BWI Crewbase I would first like to say I hope you have had a great summer. Now that we are getting into the less traveling season, here at the BWI base we are getting things kick started again. I know most of you are like me and run very low on time during the busy summer months so we have been a bit lax on requirements to say the least. I am giving everyone a heads up now that we are re-enforcing our requirements effective immediately of 3 flights per month and new hires 1 flights before 30 days. If you are going away or have computer problems please do what you can to contact myself or Mike so that we can put you on leave and not go through the hell of getting you through clearance again! So, even though this base has been quiet for about 2 months SWVA HDQ has been going strong all summer I hope that some of you are taking advantage of our Events that are pretty much scheduled once a month. If you have been with this base for a while you know we try to host our own events as well so keep an eye on the events thread in the forum as well as this website! Not only are we hosting Events once a month we have had in place for 2+ years the Airport Of The Month. This is a specific station we highlight every month. You are able to get 5 bonus hours to your profile for one trip to this station. This month's AOTM is Jackson Mississippi (KJAN), I believe Mach1 has a scenery. Finally, now that the Football season is around the corner team charters have been kicked into gear. We will be supporting the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Redskins A thread has been made in our BWI Forum so be sure to check that out for rules and schedules. That's all for now hope to see all of you in the sky's!

April End Report

Another great performance by our Pilots here at Baltimore. We logged 738.3 hours in the month with our home KBWI as the most visited port. John Lark SWVA 1121 and Khaddafy Thomas SWVA1311 are running the show with the most hours and flights collectively. So be sure to congratulate these Captains when you see them because you most likely will if your flying on VATSIM! We appreciate the popularity our Airport Of The Month is to our pilots as we are continuing this over a year old tradition. This month your leadership has set West Palm Beach as our AOTM. Remember 5 bonus hours for the first time your fly this leg and be shore to add "AOTM" to your comments box on your PIREP. If you use ACARS you can add a comment after accepting a Flight Report (just before you send it to us.) I want to remind our pilots that supplying "fake" or duplicate PIREPS is strictly prohibited. I know you guys respect this VA Family and your Leadership would never point a finger at any of you but there are problems around all the VA's and we are being proactive and making it mandatory that when submitting your PIREP you state whether you were using FSACARS or you are logging your PIREP manually in the comments section and make sure you click yes or no under "On-Line Flight." We appreciate your compliance with this important matter. We have a few new Pilots who joined our base and made it out of the Pending Roster this month please give me a hand in welcoming Paul Zahorecz 1323, John Lucy 1324, Mark Felix 1325, James Moreland 1326, Steven Yackel 1332, Raymond Crews 1333, James Munoz 1335. Finally I would like to apologize for the extreme tardiness of our Charters Page I have been bogged down with allot to do and haven't had the time to get this up. It is a high priority for this 900+ hour crewbase. Keep up the great work guys seeyou in the Sky's!!

February End Report

Great job Baltimore Crew Base pumping out 658.50 hours in the short month of February. Michael Rather took the top spot of total flights with 50. John Lark took second with 34 followed by yours truly with 24. Mike John and myself took it with flight hours for the month as well. Look out guys Mike Avila and myself are hot on your heals! February was also a mile stone for the base by being fully staffed...unfortunately with allot of inactive pilots. You should have received an email from me on Feb 25th about our Flight Requirements set forth by the SWVA Sr Management of 3 flight minimum a month. After the month passed our roster has been cleaned of inactivity and this very important rule will be upheld. Please make the time to fly 3 flights at least. If you were to fly BWI-ORF back and forth it would only take about 1 1\2 at most and your done. I do hope you choose to fly more often but that is the best way to stay current if you are in a busy or family emergency situation. Of course if the circumstances are consuming enough just shoot me an email and we can work it out with a LOA. I don't want to see any of you go but I'm sure you all can agree we want to keep space available for pilots who want to fly and represent this great VA. Some things to look forward to this month is the completion of our Charter section on the web page were you can sign up for different hauls for military and athletic events that will give you the opportunity to fly into stations not used by Southwest. Also the spring months are just ahead of us and that awesome weather is around the corner. Our AOTM is St. Louis Lambert. KSTL is quickly becoming a busy "Hot spot" for Southwest so we want you to experience the scenic views on your way into St. Louis. You can get scenery off The file name is STL2004.ZIP Finally this months Hub Event will be a thaw out to Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood (KFLL). Date is to be determined. We are shooting for mid to late month. Stay posted for new updates on this site as well as the forums. See you all very soon fly Safe and be proud to be a part of the longest running most recognized Southwest Airlines tribute VA in all Virtual Online Flying

Happy New Year

Hey Crews, Just wanted to wish you a Happy 2010! Look for more updates on the site this year as well as Crew Base Events and Charters. Keep it up!

September 2009 UPDATE

Wow! Great job by all in September. With school starting we all managed to still keep the good work up. We finished with 484.20 hours! Congrats to Robert Copping who flew the most hours and to John Lark who was not far behind. We go 484 so let us shoot for 500 in October! I also want to thank all those who have guided me here at BWI. On October 3, 2008 I was a new member at SWVA and have learned so much so I thank you all. Keep it up BWI and Drew and I are very proud of you. Just a reminder NFL charters are in full swing and this month the AOTM is KMSY, check the forums for more info

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Contact Us

Crewbase Manager - Drew Ritz

Crewbase Assistant Manager - Mike Avila


*Just a friendly reminder to check your pireps and make sure everything is filled in before you send them. I've had several pireps without times in it and I can't give you credit if there is no time

*Go here Tired of manually filing pireps, follow the link to get started with SWVA Acars and have pireps sent automatically

Check out the Events Website!!!

BWI May 2012 Stats

Total Hours-373.55

Total Passengers: 24,937

Total Miles Flown: 130,670.40

Busiest Airport: KBWI 38 flights

Most Hours

John Lark : 51.6

Most Flights

Joseph Tack : 26

BWI's Airport of the Month

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