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Welcome to the LAS Crew Base

You have arrived at Southwest Virtual's Las Vegas crew base managed by me Joel Phillips SWA4001 (CBM) and my assistant Ruben Teran SWA4002 (CBAM). We hope you enjoy your stay here and feel free to check out the links I have provided.

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  Well folks, the site is up and running, stay tuned for more


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Crewbase Manager - Joel Phillips

Crewbase Assistant Manager - Ruben Teran

Webmaster - Mike Avila


*Just a friendly reminder to check your pireps and make sure everything is filled in before you send them. I've had several pireps without times in it and I can't give you credit if there is no time

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LAS August Stats

Total Hours- 468.10

Total Passengers: 30,666

Total Miles Flown: 153,748.20

Busiest Airport: KLAS 49 flights

Most Hours

Terry Foor : 115.9

Most Flights

Terry Foor : 40

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