About the Phoenix Crew Base

Who We Are


This is a crew base of Southwest Virtual. Our goal is to provide the most realistic virtual airline experience as possible. We accomplish this by providing an authentic fleet, liveries, ACARS service, and a schedule to mimic our real-life counterpart. For further realism, we also strongly encourage our pilots to fly online with VATSIM, which provides real-time ATC and air traffic including other pilots from this virtual airline as well as other virtual airlines that utilize the VATSIM network.

Phoenix Crew Base Staff

Crew Base Managers

Alexander Tucker, Crew Base Manager – SWVA8001

Cameron Harrison, Assistant Crew Base Manager – SWVA8002

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Airport Information

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

IATA: PHX, ICAO: KPHX, PHX Airport Diagram - Sky Harbor Website

Crew Base Policy

Flying for a virtual airline needs to be fun, while at the same time maintaining a sense of professionalism and realism. The policies of the Phoenix Crew Base and Southwest Virtual are outlined below in order to maintain the excellence of Southwest Virtual and the Phoenix Crew Base.

  • All pilots are responsible for reading the Southwest Virtual Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • In order to adhere to company policy, pilots should refer to the Southwest Virtual Aircraft Operating Manual (AOM).
  • Pilots are required to fly a minimum of 3 flights per calendar month, however the more the better! If there is a problem with fulfilling the 3 minimum monthly flight requirement, please contact a member of crew base management.
  • A leave of absence may be granted by the crew base manager for a length of no more than 60 days. An extended leave of absence may be granted with the approval of upper management.
  • Pilots who are in violation of the minimum monthly flight requirement and have not communicated with the Crew Base Manager will be removed from the active roster at the discretion of either the Crew Base Manager, HR Director, or CEO.
  • New pilots and pilots transferring internally from a different SWVA crew base are welcome at Phoenix. On the roster page, transfer pilots will be immediately posted. New pilots will begin with a pending status and will be made active once the the first PIREP has been submitted and approved.
  • Pilots transferring hours from a previous Virtual Airline may transfer a maximum of 50 verifiable hours. Correct URLs MUST be provided for verification of hours.
  • Flights are not assigned, and each pilot may choose from either the real world Southwest schedule or the schedule included in the Pilot Control Panel. For added realism, be sure to set your simulator time just prior to the departure time. Please observe any stops listed in the schedule.
  • Maintenance (MX) ferry flights can originate at any city but have to terminate at the following maintenance bases or contract facilities.
    Heavy maintenance facilities:
    • Phoenix (KPHX)
    • Dallas (KDAL)
    • Houston (KHOU)
    • Chicago Midway (KMDW)
    Contract maintenance facilities:
    • BF Goodrich (ATS) (KPAE)
    • Pemco Aviation (KDHN)
    • AAR Indianapolis (KIND)
    • El Salvador (MSLP) via KHOU
    Check the appropriate PIREP box to designate a maintenance flight so you will be credited with double hours! It is also helpful to state that the flight was a maintenance flight in the comments section.
  • Online flying through VATSIM is highly encouraged, but not mandatory. When flying for SWVA on VATSIM, the pilot must use his or her pilot number with the letters SWA (example — SWA8101) for their callsign. Using other numbers and letters will cause the system not to recognize you as a Southwest Virtual pilot and the number could possibly conflict with another pilot.
  • Pilots are also greatly encouraged to participate in any events held on the VATSIM network. More information may be found on the events link to Southwest Virtual, VATUSA, and VATSIM. A PIREP may be filed for an event that involved departing and landing at SWA or any codeshare destinations, and you flew in a SWA aircraft. Double hours are awarded for pilots participating in events. Be sure to select the appropriate box on the PIREP form. In the comments section, please state the event in which you participated.
  • The purpose of the "Flight Line of the Month" is to encourage pilots to fly new routes and visit new airports. Recommended flight plans will be provided, but it is not a requirement that they be adhered to, nor is it required that the pilot fly at the given flight level. These are intended as suggestions. Requirements for receiving credit for completing a flight line:
    • Complete the flight line in the given order in consecutive flights before the end of the corresponding month
    • Contact crew base management detailing your PIREP information for each flight of the flight line (date of flight, origin/destination, length of flight)
    • For added realism, try to fly the flights in one session to get the true feel of the "line" (not required!)
  • Pilots are representatives of Southwest Virtual and the real world counterpart to a certain degree. It is very important to conduct ourselves professionally in all aspects of this hobby. This includes our conduct on VATSIM with other pilots and controllers as well as posting messages on the SWVA forums or any other flight simulator related forum. The atmosphere of this virtual airline is very supportive, enthusiastic, and pleasant. Pilots choosing not to abide by appropriate community standards may be penalized up to the point of suspension or expulsion from the organization.
  • Please remember that these policies only exist to maintain the excellence of Southwest Virtual and the Phoenix Crew Base. We want every pilot to have a FUN and have an enjoyable experience.