Fly the Line

Fly the Line

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Date and Time

Event Start: 10/12/2019 01:30 UTC


Departure: KISP
Arrival: KBWI

Event Description

Join us for a YouTube livestream broadcast on the SWVA Operations channel with Jason Sokoloff.

Flying the Line Series day 1 leg 4. It's been a grind in the northeast, and we prepare to get to the hotel in Baltimore as we fly this last leg on our 3 day trip. The airplane needs to be prepared for the next leg back to Baltimore. A through flight flow will be accomplished, hopefully with a better landing result!

Come join us in Islip as we prepare our last leg into Baltimore. The flight crew is tired and ready for a nap, dinner, and maybe a ride to the beach. Learn southwest procedures and join our community!

You are welcome to fly the same routing on VATSIM or watch the stream while flying the next leg on your own line!


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