Fly the Line

Fly the Line

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Date and Time

Event Start: 5/30/2020 01:30 UTC


Departure: KSAT
Arrival: KELP

Event Description

Join us for a YouTube livestream broadcast on the SWVA Operations channel with Jason Sokoloff.

Trip Overview



With just a 20 minute turn we head back out to a far western town called El Paso. We are scheduled gate to gate one hour and 30 minutes so this is a short flight. We are on leg 3 of our 4 leg day- We are headed to the old west where I will be telling our passengers about the story of 4 dead in 5 seconds.

El Paso (ELP)
History of El Paso:
With the arrival of the Southern Pacific, the Texas and Pacific, and the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railroads in 1881, the population boomed to 10,000 by the 1890 census. With a tempting green valley and a nearly perfect climate year-around, the town attracted a constant stream of newcomers, including many merchants, entrepreneurs, and professionals who came to the region to benefit from the Mexican Free Trade zone. Others arrived seeking a cure for respiratory ailments in the warm, dry climate. Various sanatoriums were established catering to their needs. Small immigrant communities–Jewish, Italian, and Chinese–also arrived, adding to the diversity of the bustling town. The origins of the Jewish community dates from at least the 1880s, with the first Reformed synagogue, Temple Mt. Sinai, built in 1898.

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