Flight Planning Resources

Planning and Tracking

Link to FlightAware.com - Flight Tracking and More

FlightAware is a very popular real-world flight tracking tool. It is free to use, but does offer additional features to 'premium' members. It can be used for looking up real-world routing used be airlines.

Link to FltPlan.com - General Aviation Flight Planning

FltPlan.com assists pilots with building flight plans, and generating navigation logs. For real-world flights, FltPlan.com can work with the FAA to assist pilots with pre-filing their flights.

Link to FuelPlanner.com - Aviation Fuel Planner

FuelPlanner.com is a free site that provides Fuel Planning assisting for Flight Simulation. They have specific forumulas for fuel usage on the PMDG 737 series.

VATSIM Related Services

Link to VATSIM

VATSIM, the Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network is the preferred network for multi-player flying online. Join hundreds of other pilots and real-time air traffic control operators in the virtual skies.

Link to Vataware

Vataware provides real-time stats, flight-tracking and history about traffic on the VATSIM network.

Link to Simroutes

SimRoutesis a free flight-planning tool that works with the VATSIM network, and has the capability to assist pilots with pre-filing flight plans with VATSIM.

 Southwest Virtual Recent Flights

Flight # From To Pilot
415 KATL   KBWI W. Mantz
2972 KLAS   KOAK J. Stayton
348 KMCI   KPHX R. Weaver
1769 KMCO   KORF R. Copping
278 KMCO   KATL M. Farid
2980 KMSP   KMDW C. Jacobs
1241 KPHX   KMSP C. Jacobs
2163 KMCO   KPHX C. Jacobs
1836 KBNA   KMCO C. Jacobs
55 KJAX   KBNA C. Jacobs
5555 KOAK   KLAS J. Stayton
2903 KBWI   KISP M. Farid
1704 KCMH   KBWI M. Farid
2200 KDEN   KMCI R. Weaver

 Crew Base Flights This Month

Crew Base Number of Flights Hours Flown
Houston 29 52.6
Baltimore 27 43.7
Orlando 23 30.7
Las Vegas 18 37.9
Denver 16 29.1
Dallas 15 38.0
NorCal 12 22.1
Chicago Midway 9 19.9
Phoenix 8 18.2
Unknown 1 2.0

 Southwest Virtual Top Landings

Flight # Landing Rate Landing Speed Pilot
4048 -1.00 fpm 116.00 kts R. Lamison
1 -1.00 fpm 118.00 kts R. Lamison
1413 -1.00 fpm 114.00 kts R. Copping
2323 -1.00 fpm 108.00 kts J. Moore
1598 -1.00 fpm 120.00 kts G. Bowman
4024 -1.00 fpm 112.00 kts G. Bowman
Link to VATSIM
Link to simBrief
Link to Flight Awere
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