Southwest Virtual Recent Flights

Flight # From To Pilot
571 KCLE   KBWI R. Copping
2556 KBWI   KPHX S. Sutherland
1395 KPHX   KSEA M. Dugas
374 KTUL   KLAS J. Allen
3041 KLAS   KDEN A. Hatcher
1483 KOAK   KSEA G. Bowman
2433 KSEA   KSMF D. Burgess
248 KMDW   KSTL R. Lund
2703 KMCO   KHOU S. Roe
274 KIND   KBWI R. Lamison
3852 KBOS   KCAK C. Jacobs
732 KMDW   KCLE R. Copping
2682 KMDW   MDPC G. Bowman
728 KAUS   MMUN G. Bowman

Southwest Virtual ACARS - Flights in Progress live map

No ACARS flights as this time.

 Crew Base Flights This Month

Crew Base Number of Flights Hours Flown
Houston 59 118.5
Phoenix 57 111.1
Baltimore 52 114.5
NorCal 35 62.4
Las Vegas 35 72.3
Orlando 20 36.4
Denver 16 47.6
Chicago Midway 14 35.6
Dallas 8 18.9
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