Southwest Virtual Recent Flights

Flight # From To Pilot
1670 KBOS   KATL P. Hull
571 KCLE   KBWI R. Copping
2343 KFLL   KTPA J. Sokoloff
4541 KRDU   KMDW M. Marx
2844 KLIT   KDAL B. LeBoeuf
41 KHOU   KPHX D. Hawley
2900 KBWI   KMCO B. Hammer
2464 KMCO   KMDW R. Copping
4320 KMCI   KTPA M. Dugas
4749 KFLL   KBNA S. Melo
3151 KSTL   KRDU M. Marx
732 KMDW   KCLE R. Copping
731 KLGA   KSTL J. Berrios
3097 KMDW   KMSP G. Bowman

Southwest Virtual ACARS - Flights in Progress live map

No ACARS flights as this time.

 Crew Base Flights This Month

Crew Base Number of Flights Hours Flown
Denver 1 2.5
Las Vegas 1 1.0
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