Southwest Virtual Recent Flights

Flight # From To Pilot
815 KMDW   KIND H. Silk
2815 KFLL   KMCI C. Coffua
4457 KALB   KFLL C. Coffua
247 KSDF   KMCO D. Allen
9004 KDAL   KONT R. Teran
2967 KSLC   KDEN G. Bowman
389 KMDW   KALB C. Coffua
2812 KDTW   KMDW C. Coffua
1598 KDEN   KPHX J. Carey
179 KBWI   KDTW C. Coffua
480 KMSY   KHOU G. Bowman
2137 KAMA   KDAL R. Teran
5511 KDAL   KAMA R. Teran
826 KPVD   KBWI C. Coffua

Southwest Virtual ACARS - Flights in Progress live map

No ACARS flights as this time.

 Crew Base Flights This Month

Crew Base Number of Flights Hours Flown
Chicago Midway 24 41.2
Houston 23 39.2
Las Vegas 18 40.2
Baltimore 16 22.1
Denver 9 27.2
Orlando 8 13.5
NorCal 7 12.0
Phoenix 6 11.5
Dallas 2 3.5
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