Joining Southwest Virtual

Thank you for choosing to fly with Southwest Virtual! We’re glad you are interested, and hope to see you in the air soon. All of our rules and procedures are available in our Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) Document. Please take a moment to read through that before continuing. As a reminder:


Southwest Virtual requires that members be at least 13 years old.


Southwest Virtual only requires one (1) flight a month to remain on the active roster.


We prefer that pilots use an automated flight report, such as FS-ACARS or FS-PASSENGERS. We are developing our own ACARS application, which should be available soon. Manual Flight Reports may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Manual Flight Reports must be flown on VATSIM to be credited.


We require that all new pilots be active on the VATSIM Network.


Our pilots are a reflection of Southwest Virtual, and as such, we expect them to be respectful of other pilots, of online Air Traffic Control, and of other Virtual Airlines. We’re all here to relax and have fun, let’s do so responsibly and respectfully.


By clicking the 'Continue' and completing an application, you certify that you've read the Southwest Virtual Operation Procedures Document, that you are at least 13 years old and that you agree to follow Southwest Virtual Rules and Procedures.

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 Southwest Virtual Recent Flights

Flight # From To Pilot
1560 KBUR   KLAS R. Lamison
3123 KLAX   KPHX T. Pepe
24 KHOU   KDAL J. Dobson
3165 KMDW   KSTL H. Silk
344 KAUS   KBWI J. Holt
2154 KLAS   KDEN J. Stayton
712 KABQ   KMDW V. Acres
325 KATL   KSAN R. Teran
1239 MDPC   KATL R. Teran
172 KMDW   KBUF D. Allen
547 KSMF   KSEA J. Carey
5555 KOAK   KLAS J. Stayton
2137 KMSP   KMCI J. Allen
520 KMSY   KHOU J. Dobson

 Crew Base Flights This Month

Crew Base Number of Flights Hours Flown
Houston 33 51.9
Las Vegas 28 55.8
Baltimore 17 33.8
Denver 13 31.5
Orlando 12 18.4
Dallas 12 33.6
NorCal 9 16.9
Chicago Midway 6 13.5
Phoenix 6 15.8

 Southwest Virtual Top Landings

Flight # Landing Rate Landing Speed Pilot
233 -1.00 fpm 126.00 kts D. Burgess
1927 -1.00 fpm 122.00 kts R. Hensley
175 -1.00 fpm 128.00 kts J. Stayton
1927 -1.00 fpm 116.00 kts J. Allen
4048 -1.00 fpm 116.00 kts R. Lamison
1413 -1.00 fpm 114.00 kts R. Copping
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