Standard Operating Procedures

Revision Number Revision Date Changes
3.1 (original) 2/24/2014 N/A
3.2 5/1/2014 SWVA Flight School, SWVACARS
3.3 4/1/2018 HTML format

Flight Selection

Our mission is to provide the most realistic flight simulation environment for our pilots, including the following:

  1. Learn and practice piloting skills with the use of flight simulation software
  2. Acquire additional software and flight/navigational tools to sublimate, aid, and increase the realism of your flight simulation experience
  3. Track flights with datapoints to assess and improve flying skills
  4. Be part of our community to meet others with a passion for aviation and above all, have fun

Flight Selection, VATSIM, and Events

Flight Selection

  1. Flights may be reserved using SWVA’s schedules in the flight dispatch section
  2. Flights can be flown off the scheduled posted times but the proper routes to and from cities selected must be flown in accordance to the schedule(s)
  3. Maintenance (MX)/Ferry Flights can originate at any city but have to terminate at the following maintenance bases or contract facilities. SWVA heavy maintenance facilities are: KPHX, KDAL, KHOU and KMDW. Our contract maintenance facilities are: BF Goodrich (ATS) at KPAE (Paine Field, WA), AAR Indianapolis (KIND), and El Salvador (MSLP) via KHOU
  4. All flights must be simulated at a rate of 1x

Flying on VATSIM

We recommend to conduct as many flights as possible on the VATSIM network for maximum realism.

  1. Pilots should fly using the Southwest Virtual pilot number as the callsign
  2. Flight Plan comments should contain (e.g. OPR/
  3. All flights on VATSIM should be conducted with precision and professionalism

Event Flights

  1. Event flights must be flown using the Southwest Virtual pilot number as the callsign
  2. Pilots must fly in accordance with AOM procedures and guidelines
  3. In addition to citing "," the event name should also be cited in the flight plan remarks section