Southwest Virtual Recent Flights

Flight # From To Pilot
3503 KDAL   KAUS K. Hanes
6924 MYNN   KBWI D. Burgess
4066 KORF   KBWI D. Papargiris
1857 KFLL   MYNN D. Burgess
1187 KDAL   KLIT G. Bowman
2752 KLAX   KSFO J. Allen
4061 KLAS   KSLC J. Berrios
26 KTPA   KHOU R. Smith Jr
2939 KMDW   KATL P. Keenan
584 KAUS   KHOU G. Bowman
1233 KDAL   KMCI M. Marx
2058 KLAS   KICT R. Teran
377 KDAL   KAUS G. Bowman
2118 KABQ   KDAL D. Ritz

Southwest Virtual ACARS - Flights in Progress live map

No ACARS flights as this time.

 Crew Base Flights This Month

Crew Base Number of Flights Hours Flown
Houston 52 93.2
Las Vegas 47 96.6
Baltimore 25 44.1
Denver 16 36.6
Dallas 14 38.5
NorCal 14 21.0
Chicago Midway 14 25.3
Phoenix 11 28.5
Orlando 7 11.5
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