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 Southwest Virtual Recent Flights

Flight # From To Pilot
4082 KTPA   KFLL S. Russell
481 KBWI   KSTL P. Hull
3023 KCLT   KMDW J. Dobson
630 KSNA   MMSD R. Walls
2484 KDEN   KSAN R. Teran
1100 KBWI   KDEN J. Holt
2329 KDAL   KMCI G. Bowman
4 KHOU   KDAL G. Bowman
2622 KLGA   KTPA S. Russell
5322 KLGB   KDEN R. Teran
2971 KDEN   KOMA S. Saakov
2918 KIND   KLAS B. LeBoeuf
1267 KMDW   KLGA S. Russell
5395 KLAS   KOAK J. Stayton

Southwest Virtual ACARS - Flights in Progress live map

No ACARS flights as this time.

 Crew Base Flights This Month

Crew Base Number of Flights Hours Flown
Orlando 33 58.4
NorCal 33 61.8
Houston 30 58.0
Las Vegas 17 24.1
Baltimore 17 33.2
Phoenix 8 21.2
Dallas 7 18.9
Denver 7 12.5
Atlanta 4 7.5
Chicago Midway 2 0.0
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