Membership Agreement

Revision Number Revision Date Changes
1.0 5/8/2018 Initial version

Southwest Virtual Membership

Pilots at Southwest Virtual strive to simulate the operations of an airline as closely as possible to the real-world within the flight simulator environment. These guidelines are to make sure that every member understands the requirements and expectations of every member, allowing all to have an educational and enjoyable experience.

Acceptable Website Use

We are all volunteers. A lot of work goes into creating and maintaining a website and curating the data.

All content, information, applications, and data contained within this site, as well as any application developed internally, is proprietary to Southwest Virtual (virtualswa) and is only intended to support flight simulation activities for Southwest Virtual. These may not be used or shared in any way with any other entity for any reason.

Attempts to steal information or access the website or content in a deceptive manner is strictly prohibited.

User Accounts

User accounts are provisioned for each pilot, and login credentials may not be shared with any other person other than the individual associated with the account.

The following activities are strictly prohibited:

  • Attempts to log in to other member accounts
  • Sharing user account log in credentials with others

Creation of content and other resources

Any content created for Southwest Virtual or any content shared or released among any members is automatically deemed as fair use to be used by the organization and used among all members.

Area Requirements for Employment


  1. Prospective pilots must submit an application
  2. A valid email address must be provided. Failure to provide a valid email address or failure to respond to correspondence from Southwest Virtual may cause an application to be rejected or removal from the organization
  3. A VATSIM ID is required
  4. A flight from our schedules must be flown within 14 days of the pilot's application being accepted using SWVACARS
  5. Knowledge of basic aviation principles is preferred, a willingness to learn is required
  6. Membership at other virtual airlines is allowed, however, we do not allow membership at other virtual airlines that model or simulate Southwest in whole or part
  7. Pilots are encouraged to participate in the forums and Teamspeak

Pilot ID Numbering System

A pilot ID will be assigned in reference to the crew base

  • If a transfer is requested, a new pilot ID will also be assigned.
  • Inactive pilots will not retain their pilot ID number

Pilots report to their assigned regional director. In the case that there is no acting regional director, pilots will report to the Vice President of Crew Operations.

President/Chief Executive Officer

Job Description: To oversee the entire operation of the virtual airline

  1. Meet the requirements to be a pilot
  2. Hold an ATVP rating
  3. Be in good standing and have the knowledge to hold this position
  4. The CEO will be appointed by the prior CEO
  5. Engage in our forums to answer questions and deal with issues that might occur

Vice President Flight Operations, Vice President Crew Operations, and Vice President Human Resources

Job Descriptions:

Flight Operations:

Oversee all aspects of flight operations, including implementing and maintaining a pilot training program, establishing and maintaining SOPs that align with Southwest procedures, manage the crew trips, and manage the events and group flights.

Crew Operations:

Oversee the operation of the crew bases and regions within the virtual airline, approve (or deny) PIREPs, serve as a point of contact for pilots, and to assist the Human Resources department in maintaining the active roster

Human Resources:

Manage the intake process of new pilots and oversee the overall maintenance of the active roster of the virtual airline

  1. Meet the requirements to be a pilot
  2. Hold an ATVP rating
  3. Be in good standing and have the knowledge to hold these positions
  4. Engage in our forums to answer questions and deal with issues that might occur

Vice Presidents report to the President/CEO

Regional Directors/Assistant Regional Directors

Job Description: Oversee and maintain op erations within the crew bases located in the assigned region of the virtual airline

  1. Meet the requirements to be a pilot
  2. Hold an ATVP rating (Regional Director)
  3. Be in good standing and have the knowledge to hold these positions
  4. Engage in our forums to answer questions and deal with issues that might occur
  5. Regional Directors are selected and reviewed by senior management
  6. Assistant Regional Directors are selected for review by the Regional Director, with final approval given by senior management
  7. Must fly on VATSIM
  8. Must have knowledge of company equipment and procedures

Regional Directors report to the Vice President - Crew Operations; Assistant Regional Directors report to their Regional Director

Events Director/Assistant Events Director

Job Description: Fully coordinate online fly-ins and group flights. Publicize VATSIM and VATUSA events.

  1. Meet the requirements to be a pilot
  2. Selected by senior management via an application and interview process
  3. Fly on VATSIM
  4. Engage in our forums to answer questions and deal with issues that might occur

The Events Director reports to the Vice President - Crew Operations

Flight Instructor/Mentor

Job Description: Maintain a thorough and deep knowledge of all equipment operated at Southwest Virtual including: legacy aircraft (722/732) and current aircraft (737, 738, MAX). Knowledge of popular 737 add-ons is expected, with an emphasis on the PMDG 737NGX. Must work closely with the Vice President - Flight Operations to remain up-to-date with company procedures.

  1. Complete the Chief Pilot requirements
  2. Flight Instructor/Mentors will be selected by the Vice President - Flight Operations
  3. 250 hours filed with Southwest Virtual
  4. Fly on VATSIM
  5. Engage in our forums and teamspeak to answer questions and deal with issues that might occur


Outgoing Email communications

From time to time, Southwest Virtual may communicate with pilots regarding official business. Additionally, as a service to assist pilots in maintaining the flight requirement to remain active, reminder emails prompting pilot activity are automatically sent.

Email requirements

  1. Everyone employed at Southwest Virtual must maintain a valid email address on record to remain in good standing
  2. Email address changes must be updated by editing your pilot profile
  3. Email should be checked weekly in order to respond to inquiries from the virtual airline


  1. User names must adhere to the following format: First Name Last Name SWVA####
  2. Access to the forums will be granted after completion of your first flight. Please contact your Regional Director for forum access.
  3. All posts on the forums must maintain a sense of professionalism (Flame wars, rude or disruptive conduct, and other non-compliant behavior will not be tolerated. Management reserves the right to take disciplinary action or potentially ban members from the forums and the virtual airline.)


  1. Teamspeak users must register with their full name and pilot ID, adhering to the same format as the forums (First Name Last Name SWVA####)
  2. Teamspeak connection details are maintained in the forums
  3. Communication (both verbal and written) will be professional and courteous at all times (the use of profanity and disruptive conduct will not be tolerated at any time)

Maintaining Active Status at Southwest Virtual

What's the point of belonging to a virtual airline unless we are all committed to flying regularly? Here's how to stay active:

  1. File an approved flight report from our schedules every 30 days
  2. Maintain a current and valid email address
  3. Professional, courteous conduct in all aspects of the operation of the virtual airline
  4. File flights using SWVACARS

Pilot Rank

Southwest Virtual Rank Structure

  • Pilots shall receive rank advancements via their total filed hours
  • Pilots with virtual airline experience may transfer up to 50 verified hours to begin their Southwest Virtual career at the rank of second officer.
Rank Hours Pay Scale
Trainee 0 - 49.9 $100/hour $25/Flight
Second Officer 50.0 - 99.9 $150/hour $30/Flight
First Officer 100.0 - 199.9 $175/hour $35/Flight
Captain 200.0 - 324.9 $200/hour $40/Flight
Senior Captain 325.0 - 499.9 $225/hour $45/Flight
Chief Pilot 500+ $250/hour $50/Flight

Chief Pilot requirements

To attain the rank of Chief Pilot, the following additional requirements must be met:

  1. 50 VATSIM hours flown with Southwest Virtual
  2. Must pass all pilot rating exams, verified and signed off by the Vice President of Flight Operations
  3. Pass exam on Southwest Virtual SOPs, verified by a certified Southwest Virtual instructor or Regional Director
  4. Successfully perform a CAT I, II, or III approach, verified by a certified Southwest Virtual instructor or Vice President of Flight Operations
  5. Perform an online proficiency checkride, verified by a certified Southwest Virtual instructor, Regional Director, or Vice President of Flight Operations
  6. Disqualifying factors may include but are not limited to:

    1. Crashing the aircraft
    2. Excessive Bank Angles
    3. Excessive Climb and/ or descent rates
    4. Failure to fly the planned route
    5. Failure to fly with the minimum fuel specified on the release
    6. Failure to fly at the altitude specified on release

    Note: The acceptance of this checkride will be solely at the discretion of the instructors, CBM, or the VP of operations.

Crew Base Transfers

Trips are available based on the assigned crew base, making access to trips the only operational reason to transfer to another base.

How to request a transfer:

  • Submit the request to the Vice President for Crew Operations
  • If the Vice President for Crew Operations is not available, requests may also be submitted to the Vice President for Human Resources

Requirements to transfer:

  • Pilot must have an exemplary record within the airline and VATSIM, especially including conduct and pilot activity
  • Must be an active member for longer than 6 months
  • In the case of an additional transfer request beyond the initial request, the pilot must be at their current base for a minimum of 1 year.

Transfer requests will be reviewed by the Vice President for Crew Operations and may be reviewed by other members of the leadership team.

Leave of Absence

Need a break from your virtual aviation career? Real life commitments getting in the way of flying at least once every 30 days? Here's how to request a leave of absence:

Submitting the request:

  1. Submit the request to the Vice President for Human Resources
  2. Include your name, pilot number, start date and ending date


  • Requests for 30 days can be granted on a case-by-case basis by Human Resources
  • Requests between 30-90 days may be reviewed by additional members of the leadership team
  • Human Resources monitors leave requests and may recommend that a pilot step away and reapply at a later date to avoid excessive leave requests.

Returning after leave: please notify Human Resources that you are ready to return.

Suspension | Termination

In an effort to maintain our reputation as a professional virtual organization, we maintain high expectations for our members. While we believe in second chances, please know that we reserve the right to remove a pilot from the roster for actions deemed to be malicious or egregious, potentially with no provision to appeal or return.

Membership Agreement, Policy, and SOP Violations

  • A suspension may be issued for a first violation of the membership agreement, SOP, or other policies
  • Willful violations, including first time offenses may result in termination

VATSIM conduct and conflicts

Willful disobedience, rude and disorderly remarks to ATC on the VATSIM network are not tolerated.

Suggestions to de-escalate a conflict on VATSIM:

  • Disconnect from the network, take a breath, and continue offline
  • Submit a report to your Regional Director or Vice President for Crew Operations


Pilots on active status who have not flown within 30 days are subject to removal from the active roster at any point outside of the 30 day flight requirement.