About Southwest Virtual

Southwest Virtual is a virtual airline, an organization based upon flight simulation software.


We're glad you're here! Whether you are new to flight simulation or have been around the hobby for years, we'd love to have you with us!

What is a virtual airline?

A virtual airline (often referred to as a VA) is an online organization that provides some degree of structure for flight simulation enthusiasts to simulate the flights and operations of an airline.

About Southwest Virtual

Founded in 1999, Southwest Virtual is an online, non-profit entity operated by volunteers, whose members are from all around the world, pursuing their passion for aviation within a flight simulator environment. Specifically, our goal is to simulate the day-to-day operations and career of a line pilot with an emphasis on training, education, and learning to fly the 737.

As a well-established and stable organization, you can be sure that we will be around for years to come. While it is not required to have any affiliation with the aviation industry, it is noteworthy that included among our ranks are professional pilots, dispatchers, and other aviation professionals.

Our Mission

Simulate the day-to-day life of a line pilot and provide the most realistic flight simulation experience for pilots.

Why Choose Us?

With many virtual airlines out there, including a few that emulate Southwest, we have some offerings that set us apart from others.

What we offer

  • A fully automated virtual airline experience
  • Opportunities to learn the 737 in-depth from aviation experts
  • Insight into the inner workings of an airline operation
  • Automated crew system for logging PIREPs and managing your information
  • Proprietary ACARS flight-tracking software that provides useful flight metrics to help you continue improving your flying skills
  • Real-world schedules along with opportunities to fly special charter operations to unique destinations
  • A vibrant community of passionate virtual aviators

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