Virtual Southwest Trips:

As in the real-world, pilots never fly ad-hoc. They rarely will be able to fly a one leg trip and back again on a whim.

At, we have taken major strides to implement actual Southwest trips. These trips are from SWA, so please peruse your crew bases choices.

On a monthly basis, pilots will bid out their trips. They may get the trips they want depending on seniority. At SWVA, we want pilots to fly these trips on a minimum of an annual basis. It’s something fun and allows us to travel to places that we may never visit. Let’s take a look into the rules and some definitions.

Layout of the trip:

Trip ID Trip Date Trip Day Trip Sequence Trip Originator AC Change Dead Head Equipment
Identifies the crew base and the trip length in days EG. MCO300 A 3 day trip from MCO The quarter and year that the trip was created in the system. Q1-18 Day that trip is to take place. Trips are 1-4 days Sequence that the trip is to be flown. Signifies the first flight of the day/ Cold and Dark status Need to change aircraft due to scheduling issues. Crew is not to fly leg due to FAA flight HR restrictions. They will sit jump seat or in the PAX cabin. B737-700
Trip Day Trip Sequence Daily Weekly Monthly
1 1 Day 1 Week 1 Month 1
1 2 Day 1 Week 2 Month 2
1 3 Day 1 Week 3 Month 3